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What does "World Missions" mean?

At First Presbyterian Church, World Missions denotes missions that take place outside the border of the United States.

Do you have a strategy or focus?

World Missions' main focus is partnering with CHURCH PLANTING MOVEMENTS led by INDIGENOUS CHURCH PLANTERS in major GLOBAL CITIES.

How many partners does World Missions support? *

    61 Adult Mission Partners
    66 Dependent Children
    10 Church Planting Partnerships
    52 Global Cities
    33 Countries


How is World Missions funded?

The World Missions budget is funded by the faith promise pledges and contributions of members and friends of the church. The fundraising season takes place in October thought December, and contributions may be made at anytime throughout the year.

How can a missionary apply for support from First Presbyterian World Missions?

The first step in the candidates selection process is to complete the PRELIMINARY APPLICATION FORM.

May I contact individual members of the church for financial support?

No. Missionary candidates who desire to be supported by the church must go through the candidate selection process which begins with completion of the PRELIMINARY APPLICATION FORM.

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Does First Presbyterian World Missions support short-term missionaries?

Due to the large number of members who serve in short-term missions each year, World Missions confines its support of short-term missionaries to members of the congregation.

What do I do if I want to join the World Missions Committee?

Simply make known your interest to a committee member or a member of the World Missions staff. You may want to get your feet wet by attending a bi-monthly WMC meeting, volunteering for a conference job, hosting a missionary, or attending the weekly prayer time with our Prayer Team. See GETTING INVOLVED for details or CONTACT US.

Can anyone participate on a World Missions short-term team?

Some teams are restricted due to the nature of the trip and the skills or talents required to accomplish the mission. However, there are multiple trip offerings for those who have no experience in foreign missions. To view current team opportunities, see TEAMS.

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